Privacy Information

Privacy InformationĀ 

I am a trainee sport and exercise psychologist working as a sole trader. This document provides you with information about the psychological therapies service that I provide and describes how your personal data will be used for the purpose of offering this service. If you would like to discuss or ask about anything mentioned here, you are very welcome to contact me prior to an initial meeting. The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to me. As a trainee psychologist working for HCPC accreditation, I am required to uphold specific standards of professional practice which includes maintaining accurate records of my work. What do I do with your information? In order to offer a psychology service to you, I need to maintain a record of your personal data, for example your name, date of birth and address, contact information as well as brief notes on sessions. I do not share your personal data with anyone else. I store your personal data in order to be able to maintain contact with you and to keep a secure record of our work together.Ā  All personal data is stored using a secure, web-based practice management system, for which the servers are located in the EU. Some data may also be held, through email, text or telephone contact with you, on encrypted devices.