Hi, welcome! I’m Dr Zoi, founder & director of Creative Sport Mind. Creative Sport Mind provides mental health and sport & exercise psychology support to help you better understand yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your behaviours and reach your full potential. I am a qualified sport & exercise psychologist and have 8+ years of experience in educational, mental health, physical activity and sport performance settings. I work with all kinds of clients and organisations but I have expertise in working with female athletes, parents/carers and coaches. I, also, have expertise in mental health and psychoeducational workshops for clubs and organisations. 

To be successful, you need to face your hardest opponent…and that is yourself. I strongly believe that personal development is the key to enhance your performance, improve your motivation levels, work on your confidence and learn how to manage your anxiety. You can reach your full potential with the right support. 

Are you an athlete, a parent of an athlete, a performer, a coach, a gym goer, someone who wants to work on their body image or make exercise a part of their regular routine and you feel you need support? Get in touch for a free online consultation, if you would like to know more about working together.

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I can design and deliver psychoeducational workshops depending on your needs. Expertise in professional development, self-care and body image workshops.

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I can’t explain how much Zoi has helped me. Knowledgable and diligent but also understanding, I immediately felt comfortable to discuss my issues. She has great ways of trying to look at matters from a different viewpoint and pinpoint strategies.