Frequently Asked Questions

Sport and exercise psychology is the study of psychological and mental factors that influence, and are influenced by, participation in sport, exercise and physical activity, and the application of this knowledge to everyday settings. 

Working with a sport and exercise psychologist is your choice. If you feel you need help, you can contact a sport and exercise psychologist, they will assess your needs and in collaboration you will come up with a plan on how you will work together. 

This depends on the presenting issues and what you want to work on. Usually 6-12 sessions is a good number to assess your needs, make a plan and work on it. The most important person in this process is you. The sport and exercise psychologist can provide information, tools and techniques but you are the agent of change and you have to put the work in.

The consultation fees depend on the status of the sport and exercise psychologist, location and travelling. Consultation fees vary from £50-300 per session. Sport and exercise psychology is a growing profession and qualified professionals are in high demand.